New York Sun: “Arson, Vandalism Linked to Antifa Opponents of Atlanta’s ‘Cop City’ Spread to Five States as Project Is Tarred as ‘War Base’ That Will Train Police ‘To Kill Black People’”

(Hat Tip to Ricky Trent)

I just received this article from my brother, from the New York Sun, which describes some, though not all, of the national activities of the so-called “Stop Cop City” terrorists such as Extinction Rebellion, ANTIFA, Food Not Bombs, D.S.A., and A.N.S.W.E.R.  Importantly, journalist Maggie Hroncich with the Sun exposes the “Nationwide Summit to “Stop Cop City” taking place in Tuscon, Arizona February 23-26.  I will try to be there, but if anyone closer wants to go incognito, please contact this blog. ... 

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What Can We Do To Stop January 18th Anti-Police Traffic Disruption from Happening?

A few weeks ago, the eco-terrorists, radical trans activists, and anti-police “Stop Cop City” terrorists met in the Decatur Quaker Meeting House to discussion “actions” they would be taking on January 18, the anniversary of the death of Manuel Teran, AKA “Tortuigita,” who claimed to be of fluid gender and so has also been adopted as a pet martyr by the LGBTQ community, as the rest of the “Stop Cop City” anti-police activists seamlessly morphed into a virulently anti-semitic pro-“From the River to the Sea” Israeli extermination project.  Manuel Teran refused to leave his tent as he was trespassing on police property; shot a cop, and was then killed.  The gun was registered to him: the bullets removed from the cop were from his gun.  Case closed.  He appears to have been a severely mentally challenged or disturbed young man, but his parents, Venezeulan Citizens on tourist visas, are seasoned Marxist organizers.

Why are they allowed to be here? ... 

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Why Is Atlanta’s “Stop Cop City” Movement Going National? Because the Parents of Venezuelan Citizen/Eco-Terrorist, Cop-Shooter Manuel Teran AKA “Tortiguita,” at least his Mother, Maybe His Father, Were Given Tourist Visas to Stir Up Rioters in a Seventy City Tour. Why Are They Allowed To Do This?

Manuel Teran, Terrorist Cop Shooter, AKA Alleged Transgender “Tortugita”

Manuel Teran came from Venezuela to get a taxpayer-funded education at a college in Florida and engage in terrorist actions.  After slightly (middle-aged) infiltrating the groups that sponsored him, I came to the conclusion that there was something wrong with his head.  Maybe congenital.  Maybe drugs.  Maybe obsession.  Maybe sheer laziness.  Maybe a total lack of education.  He wrote and sketched like a six-year-old. ... 

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Stop Cop City Is Lying About Their Recent “Non-Violent” Attack on Police. The Quakers and American Friends Service Committee Need to Answer Questions Now



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What Does Transgenderism Have to do With Opposing a Police, Firemen, and EMT Training Center?

In the final scenes of Dr. Zhivago, he discovers his daughter, daughter of his pre-revolutionary romantic love Lara, playing the ancient folk instrument, the Balilaka. Unlike her mother, the daughter has no feminine grace, no nascent womanhood: she looks what we would today call “gender-neutral.”  She has been raised by government officials in groups of other children her age.  She doesn’t know gender roles.  While she is polite, she is also mechanical and coarse: centuries of Russian civilization, emotion, reading, and human love between women and men have been wiped out by just a few years of revolution. ... 

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Manuel Teran, AKA (according to the Human Right Council) “indigenous non-binary queer Tortuguita” is not a Hero. He Shot First. He Severely Injured a Policeman.

This post is about how radical leftists dehumanize police, humiliate whites, and discipline your kids into mindlessly obeying them.  It’s disturbing.

In this case, the object of brainwashing your children is the “tree-sitter” (AKA violent, brainwashed, armed trespasser) Manuel Teran.  Teran makes a great symbol for this movement because he was cute in the way the Boston Marathon bomber is cute.  Trust me, if he wasn’t ethnic and cute, he would already be forgotten. ... 

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You’re paying a Lot of Tuition. Meanwhile, Marxists are “Re-Educating” Your Children and Endangering Their Futures

I met a few nice college kids when I infiltrated the Atlanta “Stop Cop City” training and protest last weekend.

I say nice because, one-on-one, several of them were nothing but personally polite.  We chatted about school, and their majors.  I used to teach freshman composition, until I realized I could earn more with my Ph.D. at a Taco Bell.  I have a fondness for youths feeling their way towards adulthood.  These kids were, as usual in such protest movements, the children of the elite, attending good Georgia public universities or very expensive private ones.  They had manners. It was easy to differentiate between the trained, well-paid, professional agitators and the local youth who were drawn to the training and “non-violent but violent” march because they were excited to be part of something “revolutionary.”  I say “nice kids” even though they were involved in an evil enterprise because they’re still malleable: some of them might be saved. ... 

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“Stop Cop City’s” New Anti-Semitic, Pro-Hamas Focus. What Does Hamas Have to do With “Cop City”? Because the Radicals Running the Protests are Just Using “Stop Cop City” Dupes to Push Their Usual Agenda.

Fliers handed out at the “non-violent” Friends Quaker Meeting Center

On Saturday morning, I drove down to Atlanta, where I lived for 20 years, all of it a few miles or mere walking distance from the new Police, Fire and EMT Training Center being targeted by a sophisticated international anarchist movement — and abetted by a dwindling bunch of local (temporarily), college-age dupes. ... 

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Top Aide to Stacey Abrams, Marisa Pyle, Defends “Cop City” Riot, Firebombing of Police in Downtown Atlanta as “Not Violence.” Imagine if Abrams had won the Governor’s race.

Someone needs to send a dictionary to Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight Action Organization (also a pamphlet explaining how it is election fraud to solicit donations for your own personally profitable “non-profits” on your election website).  But first, the dictionary.

Marisa Pyle, a top aide to Abrams in her campaigns and nonprofits, who also appears in pictures working with Pete Buttegeig, announced that the rioting crowd that threw firebombs, bombed a police car, and smashed windows in the hotel district of downtown Atlanta last Saturday were not actually committing acts of violence because only things, not people, got broken (and firebombed).  Fox News Reports... 

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Emory Medical Clinic Physicians and Med School Professors are Supporting Terrorists, Supporting Rioting, and are Raising Money for Police-Shooter Manuel Teran

First, do no harm.

Unless, according to this nose-ringed Emory Professor of Medicine, you’re shooting a cop. ... 

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Most Terrorists of So-Called “Cop City” Are Professional Terrorists Funded by George Soros.

For twenty years,  I lived a very few miles from what the international media is wrongfully calling “Cop City,” which, fantasies of tree-sitters with six-figure Hampshire College degrees notwithstanding, has long been a police training center.  It is in one of the most crime-blighted parts of the city, where elderly women cower behind barred windows and kick-proofed, metal-screened, barred doors.  Believe me, the actual residents want nothing more than more public safety.  I once found a little girl thrown from a car after a failed gang initiation, terrified and weeping in a field across from my dangerous neighborhood near “Cop City.”  The child, who had been beaten by female gang members no older than she, was maybe 13.   She wouldn’t do what the gang wanted her to do, so they beat her viciously and threw her out of a car. I washed the blood off her face and took her home, to her grandmother’s house, which was literally across the street from the disputed training center.

Her grandmother’s brick home was tiny but immaculate.  Bars covered all the windows and doors.  But in a small, heroic paean to hope, marigolds were neatly planted down the sides of the driveway and sidewalk.  Those yellow marigolds, spaced perfectly apart beside crumbling concrete, say everything you really need to know about the planned EMT/fireman/police training center.  The grandmother embraced her grandchild and pulled her deep into the house. ... 

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10 Reasons to Vote For Hershel Walker

Ok, I will get to 10, not 50.  It’s just a bow to that Simon and Garfunkel song.  And the election is tomorrow.  But big life events have intervened recently.  So I will get as far as I can with this list and call it a day.

I have to say I’m both confused by and angry at conservatives who won’t vote for our candidate.  As snark and anger aren’t great motivating tools, I’ll try to avoid them, but what are you thinking?  I think I understand some of it: you have been belittled and lied to by the Georgia GOP and the currently poisonous big-L Libertarian (cough, Leftitarian) Party, and Walker is nobody’s idea of an ideal Senator, but that’s no reason for not trying to win.  Political operatives are nearly all professional liars.  Just let their poisonous spittle roll off your backs.  You’re better than them.  Don’t let THEM win by staying home. ... 

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Jamaal T. Bailey (D) 36TH SENATE DISTRICT, Co-Sponsored NY State Senator Brad Hoylman’s Radical Empty-the-Prisons Bill. Let’s Stop Him Too.

Residents in Jamaal T. Bailey’s State Senate district, which includes crime-ridden areas from the South Bronx up to Mount Vernon, aren’t happy with leftists’ new no bail laws and tiny sentences for even the most heinous offenders.  Yet Bailey has co-sponsored State Senate Judiciary Chair Brad Hoylman’s radical empty-the prisons bill, S15A.

Take, for one example, Tyrell Taylor.  In 2012, Taylor was charged with 45 counts of rape, sexual assault and unlawful imprisonment.  He had, of course, previously been charged and cut loose on other sex crime charges.  But in 2012 he was escalating to torturing and choking his victims.   The community expressed outrage.  But Tyler was then, thanks to some of New York State’s other criminal leniency laws, limited in the amount of time he would serve in prison. ... 

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New York State Senator and Senate Judiciary Chairman Brad Hoylman Wants to Release Serial Killers, Rapists, Child Molesters, Cop Killers, Cannibals, You Name It. So long as they’re 55. Let’s Stop Him.

N.Y. State Senator Brad Hoylman, (518-455-2451 — Albany Office;; 212-633-8052) is sponsoring a bill that will offer early parole for ANY offender who has served at least 15 years for his crimes and has reached the age of 55 in New York State Prisons.  Brad is a member of the radical Working Families Party, though I doubt his elite New York City constituents actually walk the anti-capitalist walk promoted by WFP.  Nor will be affected by Hoylman’s radical empty-the-prisons bill, S15A.

Radically Pro-Criminal New York State Senator Brad Hoylman ... 

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I will be on The Patriotic Populist podcast tomorrow morning at 10.

Nevin Gussack

Nevin Gussack and I will be on Herschell Miller’s idiosyncratic podcast Patriotic Populist tomorrow.  Nevin is the author of the controversial book, Turning the Page: My Evolution from Conservatism to Radical Civic Nationalismin which he bravely challenges Republicans and conservatives to reexamine some of our heroes and fiscal ideology to move towards a more united, more electable, and stronger America. ... 

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Anthony Bottom, Racist, Anti-Semite, Catholic Church Bomber, and Serial Police Killer Being Welcomed By Leadership of SUNY Brockport. Bottom Killed Police Officers Waverly M. Jones and Joseph Piagentini, and now SUNY Brockport is Celebrating Him For It. Let’s Discuss Their Motives.

Just when you thought academia couldn’t slosh any deeper in the mud…

SUNY Brockport President Heidi Macpherson is welcoming recently paroled, multiple cop assassin and bomber Anthony Bottom to the campus. ... 

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Idiot Liar and Extremely White Defense Attorney Douglas D. Ford Blames “white face jury” For His Client’s Violent Carjacking in an Op-Ed in (where else) the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Of course this was in the Atlanta Journal Constitution They titled it: A City’s Haunting Rejection of a Child.   They’re literally jealous of big cities like NYC and Chicago and Los Angeles and Cincinnati (does the L.A. Times even still exist?) for one-upping them on rising crime numbers — and — celebrating government enforced criminality.  So they resort to the lamest and most dishonest screed the’ve published in a while about our Haunting Rejection of a Child.  Except the child is a 15ish (their term) violent carjacker who put his victim in the hospital as he beat her and stole her car.

She is the most selfless of humans: a nurse. ... 

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Are These Two Murderous Lawyers Too Precious to Be Charged With Hate Crimes?

Take a good look at these two scum.  They can’t claim “neglect” or “oppression” when they tried to murder completely innocent police officers by firebombing one cop van and getting caught with a stockpile of bombs to kill other cops.  They’re well-paid lawyers.

Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman.  Both over 30, so that’s not an excuse ... 

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Making Heroes Out of Killers. Troy Davis Killed Savannah Police Officer Mark Allen MacPhail in Cold Blood. The “Witness Recantations” Are Just The Usual Garbage Manufactured by Academicians Who Should Be Doing Their Jobs Instead.

Troy Davis.  Gone, Should Be Forgotten.

Ever notice how these pro-inmate cottage industries crying redemption or rehabilitation spring up only to defend the worst of the worst?  Such as Troy Davis, who gunned down Savannah Officer Mark Allen MacPhail in cold blood.  I’ve never seen these criminal groupies waste time on people who could really be rehabilitated.  Too boring.  You never get Innocence Project and Amnesty International dampening their Hermès or organizing undergraduates at Yale to spring some mere car thief who managed to keep his head down, get a GED in prison, actually learn something from incarceration, and really deserves a fresh start. ... 

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“It’s Time To Re-Name the Mario Cuomo Bridge To Honor the Brinks Robbery Victims”

So says Richard Molloy, in an editorial published in both the Poughkeepsie Journal and reprinted in U.S.A. Today.  The Poughkeepsie Journal is my hometown paper.  I was too young to understand the organized and destructive forces at work in Nyack, New York that day in 1981, when Officers Edward O’Grady and Waverly Brown, along with Brink’s Guard Peter Paige, were gunned down by Weather Underground and Black Liberation Army (BLA) killers.   Also seriously injured were Brink’s Guard Joseph Trombino (who died later saving people from the World Trade Center on 9/11) and Police Detective Artie Keenan.  Brink’s Driver James Kelly was wounded, though less seriously.

This was not the first Brink’s heist these people committed, nor would it be their last murders of innocent guards and police.  Yet for 20 years, Presidents of the United States have inexplicably pardoning these killers (uh, only the white ones, cough) on or near the last day of their terms in presidential office.  Why do they do this? ... 

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Andrew Cuomo Commuted the Sentence of David Gilbert, Who Killed Two Cops And a Security Guard. All Roads Lead to Obama.

Why would Cuomo spend his last days in office releasing and commuting the sentences of killers, especially cop killer David Gilbert?  All roads lead to the Obamas.   

All roads lead to the Obamas because of the Obamas’ intimate relationship with cop killers Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, and their deeply intimate relationship with David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin.  After years of planting bombs with Gilbert and Boudin, Ayers and Dohrn adopted Chesa Boudin, son of David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin, when these two wanna-be Black Liberation Army murderers went to prison after teaming up with Bernardine Dohrn to stage the robberies and murders of several Brinks drivers, police, security, and other living humans.  (see: Marilyn Buck, Cop Killer: Five Less Than Six Degrees of Separation From Barack Obama).  Dohrn, curiously, was never charged despite her known involvement in the crimes.  She was jailed merely for refusing to testify, but curiously, was released a few months later.  For more information detailing Dohrn’s involvement in the Brink’s Murders, see my report: Michelle, Barack, Bernardine, and Bill: the real story of the Obamas and the terrorist couple.  In it, I quote award-winning journalist John Castellucci, who documents many of Dohrn’s forgotten criminal activities in his excellent 1986 book, The Big Dance: The Untold Story of Weatherman Kathy Boudin and the Terrorist Family that Committed the Brink’s Robbery Murders... 

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Paul Howard was a Real Advocate for Victims, But No Defender of Police. Can we Ever Get This Right?

I was very sad to hear the news about Paul Howard being involved in a financial scandal.  I was shocked.  I can’t say I knew him, but I knew his door was always open to crime victims for the twenty years I worked in victim advocacy and lobbying in Atlanta.

Nobody in politics has a perfect record, but more than a few times, I heard from victims of horrific crimes that Howard himself comforted them and sustained them through very difficult circumstances. ... 

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R.I.P. Officer Joe Burson, 25. Murderer Possible Felon from New York. Atlanta Media Responds With Decency.

“He was a model officer. If you had the ability to clone police officers, you would’ve wanted your officer to be Joe Burson.”

That’s what Holly Springs Police Chief Tommy Keheley said of Burson, 25, who was murdered by Ansy Dolce, 29, during a traffic stop which ended with Dolce dragging the young officer to his death late Wednesday, using his car as a murder weapon. ... 

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Why Was Hero Deputy and Former Atlanta Firefighter Bill Smith Not on the Front Page of the Atlanta Journal Constitution?

This was Bill Smith.  He was a former Deputy Chief of Operations for the DeKalb County, Georgia Fire Department and went on to become an Alabama Sheriff’s Deputy.  Smith died last Sunday while successfully rescuing three drowning swimmers off Fort Morgan Peninsula in Alabama.  He was only 57.

Deputy Bill Smith.  He died doing what he did in life: save lives. ... 

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Some Curious Notes About Dr. Fauci from the 1990’s, By the Great Neglected Writer, Elinor Burkett

Elinor Burkett

Elinor Burkett is one of the oddest, rarest, yet most overlooked species in the journalism zoo.  She is practically a holotype.  Burkett started out as a history professor, a good one too, I imagine, before switching to journalism and teaming up with the now-New York Times op-ed contributor Frank Bruni.  Together, they wrote a very quirky book about consumers’ rights called Consumer Terrorism and a very serious book about the Catholic Church scandal.  But as Bruni swung left, Burkett swung — well, it’s hard to describe.  She swung to an extreme commitment to open-mindedness which led her past ideology and conventional thinking to new insights into subjects such as the politicization of AIDS, the post-Columbine hysteria over American teens, a (relatively fair) revaluation of conservative women in politics, a biography of Golda Meir, and an utterly delightful book about her decision to travel, as an American, Jewish, woman, to the most dangerous places in the world for Americans, Jews, and women.  In So Many Enemies, So Little Time: An American Woman in all the Wrong Places, Burkett visits Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, China, and Vietnam in the wake of 9/11.  She doesn’t do this, or much of anything else, to make friends, which is what makes her work so honest and refreshing. ... 

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How Algorithms and Their Humans Distort the Truth: A Case Study in Two Atlanta Mayors: Kasim Reed and Keisha Lance Bottoms. Oh, and Vernon Jones.

To say the least, I’m not a tech person.  My husband had to coax me to use my first *ordinary* computer because, in 1988, my dear IBM dad gave me a Kremlin-suitcase-sized “portable” that displayed three blurry blue lines of text.  The device eventually overheated, blew its plug, melted the wall socket, and almost took down my house.

Some time after that and a much-needed rewiring (the computer, I like to think, was actually trying to save me), my husband literally had to design a screen that looked like a typewritten page just to pull the Penguin edition George Eliot from my whitened fists and teach me about the existence of the inter-web. I’m not humble bragging: I was honestly terrified of those internet machines, for good reasons as it turns out, reasons physical and professional and socially. ... 

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