Occupiers Demonstrate . . . What’s Wrong With Self-Esteem Education

Occupy Protesters are laying the groundwork to create chaos in Tampa during the Republican National Convention in August.

Tampa residents need to be aware of the ways these professional activists are costing us money.  Frivolous confrontations and false accusations against the police are just the first items on the price tag for their planned temper tantrum.  I hope the city and the county show the gumption to send the bill to these activists.  The Occupiers are raising plenty of money: the fact that they’re keeping their books like some money-laundering pizzaria shouldn’t let them off the dough hook (I can say this because I once worked at a money-laundering pizzaria).  Elected officials owe it to taxpayers to sue the non-profit entities through which these protesters are collecting donations.

They aren’t the least bit hard to find.

In Tampa, the first wasteful Occupy courtroom confrontation involves activists Alicia Dion and Kevin Flynn.  Flynn and Dion claim that they weren’t given “adequate notice” before being removed from a park where they were trespassing, and they also claim that the signs stating park hours weren’t clear to them.

Essentially, their legal argument boils down to insisting that they are irresponsible and incompetent.  Their defense to a trespassing charge is that they’re not good at understanding time or reading signage.

I’ll give them that.  It’s actually a perfect expression of the types of complaints fueling the Occupy Movement. Any parent of a two-year old knows this look:

Dion and Flynn: Watch out, here comes the howling!


But there’s a less funny side to the antics of the professional activist class. Two deliberate strategies guide this and all other Occupy actions:

  • take public land and claim it for private use
  • persecute the police

Dion and Flynn were part of a planned assault on the taxpayers of Hillsborough County and false accusations against the police.  They lied in court when they said they didn’t have adequate notice for clearing out of the park, and they lied about the police’s actions:

Dion and her boyfriend, Kevin Flynn, 33, were among a small group of Occupy Tampa protesters who tested the city prohibition on Nov. 7. City parks are closed from sunset to sunrise, except during special events. At midnight, the protesters refused three warnings from police to leave the park. Police said the warnings took about a minute.

Get it?  They didn’t “not know” or “not receive warning.”  They carefully orchestrated a confrontation, and then they lied about it in court.

Those lies matter, particularly the ones about the police, because they serve as justification for all the acts of violence and abuse perpetrated by Occupy protesters against the police.  Make no mistake about it: they are trying to use the courts, right now, to lay the groundwork for chaos and lawsuits later.

Tampa residents need to educate themselves about Occupy tactics, call their representatives, and make sure we’re not left paying the tab for these goons:

Rapes, Murders at Occupy Camps: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2012/02/29/media-shift-blame-and-frame-strategy-for-occupy

Occupiers Dump Feces and Urine

Occupiers Taunt Police, Intimidate Journalists, Disrupt Commerce

Occupiers Attack Police in Atlanta

Occupiers Urinate on Cross, Throw Bibles

Occupiers Riot, Break Windows, Shouting “F*** The Police”

and this . . .

Occupiers Demonstrate . . . What’s Wrong With Self-Esteem Education

I blame most of this on Free to Be You and Me

There’s something very disturbing about adults behaving like babies, and throwing tantrums on the street, and lying in court, and claiming persecution, persecution, persecution when they are the real persecutors.  We should be disturbed and remember that the police represent our interests.  They are us; they’re the ones putting themselves between us and the protesters, who have bad intentions and are lying about that, too.

On the bright side, the Republican National Convention is going to be held in Florida in Late August.  The 99% that actually matters will probably be 99 degrees with 99% humidity.  Fox News might have to set up watering stations for the protesters out of sheer compassion . . . or Mother Nature may be the one clearing the streets.



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