Hillary Clinton and Thomas Alfred Taylor’s Underpants: It Takes a Village to Rape a Child

Or maybe we should say: It Takes a Village to Get Away With Raping a Child.  


This is Hillary Clinton in 1975.  She was on her way to becoming a “feminist icon,” so of course she stepped up to defend a 41-year old man who admitted to raping a child — a twelve-year old child.  There were two witnesses to the crime — another man and a teen boy who were in the car with the rape victim.  The offender plied the child with alcohol and then raped her.

As reported in The Washington Free Beacon in a well-researched article by Alana Goodman, Clinton, in 1975, by her own giggly admission, knowingly orchestrated a fraudulent test of the evidence from the crime in order to try to deceive the jury about her client’s guilt: she sent a part of the rapist’s underpants that had no fluids on it to a lab in New York and then threatened to use the negative lab result to disprove the prosecutor’s other evidence.  She also made false claims about the victim’s mental state, calling her an unstable liar.  Ultimately, despite powerful evidence condemning the rapist, the prosecution let Clinton’s client plead down to little more than time served.

There are lessons for everyone in this story.

Academic Feminists (a category that includes many feminist journalists) are now piling on anyone who deigns to criticize Clinton for using dirty tricks forty years ago to help a child rapist get off with a slap on the wrist.  This may sound odd, but Academic Feminists have never been interested in putting real rapists into real prisons.

In fact (a fact you won’t learn in women’s studies classes), from the very beginning of the modern feminist movement, Academic Feminists have been far more interested in playing identity politics than in punishing rape.  At the first meetings of the N.O.W., violence against women wasn’t even going to be included as a platform of the group, out of fear that condemning violence against women would result in some minority men getting convicted for the rapes they committed.

Couldn’t have that.

Better to throw all rape victims under a bus than hold black rapists responsible for their rapes  — of mostly black women and children.  From the beginning of modern feminism, racial and ethnic sensitivity — who committed a crime — was more important than the victim or the crime itself, let alone the ethic of justice for all.

[It should be noted that this attitude disgusted a critical mass of other feminist women who started working with police to protect women and children anyway — regardless of the color of their offender.  These service provider types generally like to stay away from politics, and they shouldn’t be confused with Academic Feminists and other political bottom feeders]

Fast-forward to today: the Academic Feminists have spent the last several years perfecting their March Towards Universal Guilt But No Prison Time Only Re-Education For All Men But Especially White Fraternity Brothers.

Academic Feminists have always just been leftists who care more about emptying the prisons than about real victims of crime.  They would rather exploit rape cases for political ends than imprison rapists.

For example, Amanda Marcotte at Slate is wagging around her frayed invisible Code of Defense Lawyer Ethics to explain why Clinton wasn’t merely right to use deceit and character assassination of a 12-year old rape victim to get her rapist client off: according to Marcotte, Clinton was super-right to use deceit and character assassination of a 12-year old rape victim to get her rapist client off  because she’s Hillary Clinton:

Defense attorneys have an unpleasant but necessary job, and Clinton did what she was obligated to do, which was to give her client a constitutionally mandated adequate defense. … As long as juries keep acquitting based on this myth that women routinely make up rape accusations for the hell of it, defense attorneys will continue to use it. The problem here is a larger culture that promotes rape myths, not defense attorneys who exploit these myths in last-ditch attempts to get acquittals for rapists who have overwhelming evidence against them.

According to Marcotte, everyone else uses rape myths, so the legal standard is to use rape myths, so Clinton was just giving her client the benefit of a really good defense by using rape myths and she should be praised for doing this because it had to be super hard for her to shed her principles that way, but, by the way, if a frat brother uses a rape myth, even if there’s no rape involved, even if he’s just making a bad joke, he deserves to be destroyed, preferably by Amanda Marcotte, Hillary Clinton, and millions of other women.

Yes, this is the way the Academic Feminists think.  I think it has something to do with all that mascara intersecting ink from bad tattoos and shards of bad prose by Judith Butler in the dark little place where your heart’s supposed to be.  Other people just call it identity politics.


Amanda Marcotte, Defense Ethics Specialist, With Cat

The Academic Feminists are certainly showing their tushes with this defense-of-Hillary-defending-the-child-rapist-thing.  At least the masks are off.


Wicker Women

But there is another story here, one that it would behoove the conservative critics of Academic Feminism to remember as they fight back against the guilt-by-identity regime. The lesson is this: in the real world, in real courts, real rape victims are still being subjected to such horrific, humiliating injustices, and real rapists and child molesters are still walking away from their crimes in nearly every case.

Forget the idiotic academic fake statistics that claim one in five women are raped in college for a moment: in the real courts, one in five rape victims don’t ever get a day in court.  Hell, more than four in five rape victims don’t ever get a day in court.  So while you’re busy fighting the Academic Feminists, do not make the mistake of believing that what you see happening on college campuses has any bearing on the real criminal justice system.

And when you’re done demanding justice for yourself, you should demand justice for victims of real rape, lest you become like the Campus Feminists you’re fighting — lest you become interested in injustice only when it affects you and people who look like you.

Once you’re done being disgusted by the glee that Hillary Clinton expressed in recounting her clever deceits that freed a child rapist, don’t get gleeful yourself over Clinton’s comeuppance: there’s still a child victim involved, and nothing about what happened to her is funny.  There’s still an injustice to be righted.

The Hillary Clinton rape defense is also an important story because it lays bare the perverse lies that pass for criminal defense and the sleazy tactics that warp rules of evidence.  If conservatives really care about right and wrong and justice and injustice and toppling identity politics, they cannot draw a circle around these real injustices committed against rape victims and say: this has nothing to do with me because I’ve been persecuted by the Campus Feminists.

There are many thousands of rape victims, hundreds of thousands of them, victims of real rape, who have  been denied justice.  Hillary Clinton’s giggly story shows how easy it was in 1975 to get a rapist off, and things haven’t changed as much as one might think today.

We need conservative men to be willing to stand up for these victims, because the campus feminists don’t care about them.  That little raped girl isn’t responsible for speech codes and campus tribunals against frats.  Rapists still routinely walk because of warped rules of evidence and prejudiced jurors who believe they’re sticking it to the man, or sticking it to some feminist, or playing Atticus Finch by springing a predator back onto the streets.  Child molesters still routinely plead down to time served, or less.  If the conservative movement is going to engage the subject of rape, they should also stand up for these rape victims instead of putting all their energy into battling feminists in the fantasy-realm of academia.  It would be nice to see Minding the Campus and Truth Revolt and Phi Beta Cons expand their interrogation of injustice and rape to include the real courts.

Scoring political points isn’t everything.  Only people like Amanda Marcotte and Hillary Clinton should be guilty of an accusation like that one





6 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton and Thomas Alfred Taylor’s Underpants: It Takes a Village to Rape a Child”

  1. further illumination of her enduring support of her rapist, misogynist husband thing. if the path to power were only littered with child rapers and serial rapists needing their freedom or a human doormat shield…here at last is a field of endeavor in which hillary is most qualified.

    way back in those dark, dark days of the end of the clinton administration, about the only self -proclaimed feminist who took both bill and hillary to task was andrea dworkin- and she did it in the british press one supposes because none of the good democrat ‘feminist’ soldiers would have dared allow criticism of a beloved democrat rapist and a democrat rapist abetter in the american press. this marks the precise moment that i realized that democrats and leftist feminists weren’t feminists at all and could under no circumstances be trusted in particular to do anything about criminal violence against women and children. criminals they were all for… victims were just unsightly road cones on the scenic one way death march to social justice.

  2. You’re right.

    I had forgotten about Dworkin. Here’s an odd story about the end of her life: “She’d been reaching out to other writers and had gone to dinner at Christopher Hitchens and Carol Blue’s apartment, where Dworkin and Stoltenberg were joined by the former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum and his wife, Danielle Crittenden. “Andrea had fun that night—she had wicked fun,” says Stoltenberg. They found common ground talking about how much they hated Bill Clinton and how they thought he was a rapist.”

  3. sometimes i wonder what dworkin would have thought about the state of modern feminism but really what’s to wonder? she was the repository of some of the most personalized and vicious attacks for her writing and the vast majority of those hate filled diatribes came from the left. and “right wing women” pretty much has made her the nostradamus of feminism- that women had far more to fear from the left than the religious right.

    the savaging of the likes of sarah palin would not have been allowed to slip by uncommented upon nor the march of women hating islam aided and abetted by the political left across the globe.

  4. Dworkin was certainly unique, but there have been several renegade feminist authors. Phyllis Chesler is one; Elizabeth Fox-Genovese (my academic mentor and dear friend, who moved from Marxism to conservative Catholicism and pro-life feminism) was another. Susan Brownmiller quietly exited the movement after being labeled racist for merely acknowledging the existence of black-on-white rape in her classic 1975 book on sex crime.

    And then there in Elinor Burkett. While no conservative, Burkett can always be relied on to report precisely what she has uncovered, damn the consequences. Her books on topics like the AIDS industry, conservative women, high school students, Islamic oppression of women, anti-Americanism in totalitarian countries, and other topics have won her more enemies than friends, I think (especially the AIDS book). Her honesty has certainly earned her an unfortunate anonymity, for she is one of the best long-form journalists of her generation.

  5. Hillary and Bill are both very familiar with rape and abuse against women.
    Hillary herself even claims to be a champion of women’s rights.
    That is a joke.
    No she is not and not even close.
    Hillary has hurt more women than men to get her way.
    Hillary is a champion of no one except herself.
    The fact that Hillary laughed at this horrific rape case makes her disgusting.
    A child was raped and hurt forever.
    As an adult, she could not have children of her own because of that rape.
    At the trial, Hillary made that 12 year old cry in court so she could win a case.
    A case she volunteered to take.
    Hillary even accused the child of liking older men when there was no proof of that.
    Imagine that.
    Hillary’s entire history is like that.
    Clinton just doesn’t care who she hurts as long as she gets her way.
    Bernie Sanders and others were and are right when they say …
    “Hillary Clinton is unfit to be president.”
    We can all agree on that.

    George Vreeland Hill

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