Something Else Barack Obama and Bernadine Dohrn Share, Besides Secrets with Terrorist Bill Ayers . . .

. . . they find vicious murders of women pretty funny.

Bernadine Dohrn in December 1969, joking about the Manson family murder of Sharon Tate:

Dig it! First they killed those pigs and then they put a fork in pig Tate’s belly. Wild!  Offing those rich pigs with their own forks and knives, and then eating a meal in the same room, far out! The Weathermen dig Charles Manson!

Barack Obama in October 2012, joking about O.J. Simpson’s attempt to flee justice after murdering his wife Nicole:

“You didn’t know this, but for all you moms and kids out there, you should have confidence that finally somebody is cracking down on Big Bird,” Obama said, alluding to the famous O.J. Simpson chase scene. “Elmo has been seen in a white Suburban. He’s driving for the border.”

Sharon Tate’s blood on her living room wall

Nicole Simpson’s blood on her backyard walkway

Who jokes about things like this?

Sharon Tate was nearly nine months pregnant at the time she was killed.  She had been stripped and tortured before death, a rope strung around her neck and hung from a beam.  She begged the killers to temporarily spare her life, kidnap her, and let her deliver her baby before they killed her.  They laughed and killed her anyway.  She was buried with the body of her deceased son cradled in her arms.

After Tex Watson stabbed Tate to death, Susan Atkins stuck her finger in Tate’s wounds and wrote the word “pig” on a wall with her blood, an act that delighted Bernadine Dohrn when she heard about it.  Dohrn and other Weathermen adopted a four-fingered “fork” salute to signify the act of stabbing Tate in her pregnant stomach.

Bernadine Dohrn at the infamous Flint War Council, where she praised Sharon Tate’s killers

Still not funny: Dohrn, now a “Children’s Rights Law Professor,” smiling with her FBI Most Wanted poster

The 1969 Manson murders (five dead at Tate’s house, two more victims the next night) were intended to start a “race war” between blacks and whites. Ringleader Charles Manson hoped that pinning the brutal crimes on black radicals would anger whites enough to foment all-out war between the races.  Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers shared Manson’s vision of an America where blacks wreaked bloody vengeance on white society.  Dohrn’s “fork salute” was a celebration of such imagined violence: a proxy race war acted out by white hippies on a pregnant white woman’s body in the name of “civil rights.”

O.J. Simpson celebrates his wrongful acquittal

Twenty-five years later, the acquittal of O.J. Simpson for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman was similarly celebrated.  Remember where you were?  Was anybody cheering?  Why were they cheering?

Ronald Goldman’s father and sister, stunned after the acquittal

The acquittal of O.J. Simpson was viewed by many on the Left as a sort of transhistorical balancing of the ledger, despite the warping of the scales of justice needed to achieve it.  Pick a body — pick two bodies — string them up, then give a get-out-of-jail-free card to the killer because of his race.  If the Southern Poverty Law Center had any honor, they would record O.J.’s acquittal as a hate crime alongside old cases of Klansmen who avoided prison for similar crimes.  It was a moment of deep division for the American people and a source of glee only for those who take pleasure in sowing such divisions.  There was nothing funny about it, just as no sane human being would find anything funny about sticking a fork into Sharon Tate’s pregnant stomach.

Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, proudly reminiscing about their days “underground” to a groveling reporter

Thomas Sowell recently described Obama this way:

If you want to know what community organizers do, this is it — rub people’s emotions raw to hype their resentments.

Ironically, he said this before Obama told his O.J. Simpson joke.

 Being “post-racial” doesn’t mean that you get to joke about a murder with grim race overtones that tore the country apart.

Especially if you’re the president.


And then, there’s this:

Calif. Parole Board OKs Manson Follower’s Release

LOS ANGELES October 5, 2012 (AP)  A parole board panel has recommended the release of a former Charles Manson follower imprisoned for 40 years for a double murder Manson engineered, but it’s not the last hurdle Bruce Davis will face as he seeks his freedom.
Bruce Davis: helped slaughter two people in 1969, but he did take classes in prison
Davis has been recommended for parole before.  Then-Governor Schwarzenegger rejected the recommendation.  Governor Jerry Brown will likely be making a similar decision very soon.  The last time Davis was recommended for parole, the California Parole Board argued that he deserved to be free because “he had no recent disciplinary problems and had completed education and self-help programs.”
Education and self-help programs.  Like this one.
According to his lawyer, Davis is also an unusually exemplary person who ministers to fellow prisoners and possesses special insight and so on.  They all do.  Prisons are filled with magical, entirely misunderstood people: it’s like a cross between Sound of Music and The Green Mile in there:

Davis became a born-again Christian in prison and ministered to other inmates, married a woman he met through the prison ministry, and has a grown daughter. The couple recently divorced . . . Davis also earned a master’s degree and a doctorate in philosophy of religion.

Well that’s nice.  He also helped torture two men to death.  But, meh.  Bygones.  The last thing the parole board wants to do is dig up the past:

“While your behavior was atrocious, your crimes did occur 43 years ago,” parole board member Jeff Ferguson told Davis, according to the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

Elsewhere, in that unfortunately named thing called The Washington Monthly, the blog boards are incandescent with the thought that we would be so crude as a people to even imagine incarcerating anyone for life, particularly for the crime of merely torturing and killing two lesser-known, non-movie-stars.  One commenter offered the following justification for releasing Davis:

[He] didn’t participate in the more sensationalistic murders but rather only those of musician Gary Hinman and the caretaker at the Spahn Ranch, Donald Shea.

You know.  B-listers.

I’ve been predicting this day for years: now that the Left has priced the death penalty out of existence, their new, all hands on deck mission will be to eliminate Life Without Parole.  It is already presumed, in many circles, that believing in life sentences is a worse crime than murder itself.  Soon, the only way to end up behind bars will be to recommend sending people like Bernadine Dohrn or Charles Manson there.



7 thoughts on “Something Else Barack Obama and Bernadine Dohrn Share, Besides Secrets with Terrorist Bill Ayers . . .”

    The murderer of the prostitute of Ourense and killed a man and his daughter

    Gali Antonio Balaguer, who was sentenced to 68 years in prison for his first two crimes, now calls a reduction in sentence of 19 years imposed for his latest murder

    “Julio A. Farina”

    Gali Antonio Balaguer is not Hannibal Lecter, but is the closest thing we have seen in recent times in the dock of a court Galician. This Valencian sixties ended up in the early eighties in the province of Zaragoza, where he was welcomed home from a marriage with a daughter.

    It was soon into a relationship with the woman of the house. And shortly after her husband disappeared. Managed to convince the wife that her husband had left voluntarily and thus became the man of the house. Time then killed the couple’s daughter, a girl of 11 years. After raping her, strangled her.

    Once arrested for the crime of the small, had no qualms in admitting that he had also killed the father of 17 who had an ax and buried in the stables of the house.

    For those two crimes was sentenced to 68 years in prison. Thanks to the prison benefits under the Penal Code at the time, and although there was nothing to suggest that the prison had recovered to society, this “social danger”-as the prosecutor described him yesterday, it hit the streets nine years.

    The first reappearance of Gali Balaguer was known in Portugal, where he completed a new sentence for drug trafficking. From neighboring Galicia arrived and attempted to census the concello ourensano of Punxín.

    On November 21, 2005 in a street in the city of Ourense engaged the services of a prostitute DaCunha Aurora, who came with him to his car. Both left the city in the direction of O Ribeiro and at some point, as certified analysis of the remains of the victim, had sex.

    Of what happened from there are two versions: the defense and the accusations. As the trial continued, and yesterday reiterated his attorney in defending the action to demand the lowering of the 19-year sentence imposed on him, the woman tried to steal his wallet and he strangled her. DaCunha Aurora died of mechanical asphyxia. According to the indictment, took her to a secluded spot on a track-Punxín knew the area he had attempted enrolled in the census there, with the intention of ending his life.

    The defense appealed to the “high score sincerity” certified by the reports of the psychologists who examined him, his alcoholism and other health problems, agoraphobia, among others, and reports of psychiatrists who, according to counsel, protruding their condition more schizoid than sadistic. The prosecutor clung to his criminal resume: “It puts the willies, ‘he said to request the full confirmation of the sentence, although his colleague in court accused of manslaughter and not murder.

    According to the indictment, the testimony of a co-Aurora, months after the death, was what allowed Gali sit on the bench, the researchers realize that what they had matched the case of Ourense prostitute. For the defense, was out of place, because it covered different events and he was acquitted. The witness was about to be the fourth known victim of Hannibal Lecter in Valencia.

  2. Hi Tina, I send these 2 terrible news to reveal the sad consequences of benevolent with criminal penalties (these stories appeared in editions of the newspaper La Voz de Galicia and Aragon’s newspaper). Do not send this news to discourage you but to show that the anti-prison lobby is very influential in Spain:
    Serial killer
    The murder of La Cartuja in Galicia kills again
    Gali Antonio killed a girl in the neighborhood after abusing it. He has been arrested over the death of a woman in Orense and wanting to kill each other.
    Gali Antonio Balaguer, a 55-year-old from Valencia, who became infamous for their crimes in Zaragoza in the 80, returned yesterday to go to prison for the death of a woman in Orense, and the attempted murder of another. The murder of a girl in the neighborhood of La Cartuja moved the opinion Aragon in 1984.
    Gali was arrested Monday on suspicion of killing a neighbor of Orense, whose body was found in a ditch Maside Township in November 2005. The victim’s body was found by the side of a road near Listanco and had small bruises on his neck.
    The arrest was the result of research conducted by another woman’s complaint of Ourense, a man who tried to kill on 6 January.
    MURDER FIRST Gali The criminal career began in Valencia, where he had several antecedents of child abuse. Because of its history, decided to emigrate to Teruel in 1980, until he was arrested and tried for two robberies committed in Tabacalera trucks in the capital and in Alcaniz.
    He spent a short period in prison and in 1982, settled in the town of La Zaida, where he became romantically involved with a married woman with two children.
    The husband of his partner, José Luis Laguna, was his first fatality known and proven. The victim, tired of her husband’s infidelities, threatened it. That night, while sleeping, was murdered by Gali, who split his head with an ax.
    After picking on the corpse, which struck 17 stab wounds according to the autopsy, dug a pit five feet deep and buried. Both the murderer and the widow and her two sons left La Zaida to avoid questions of the neighbors and moved to Oviedo, where they lived for several months.
    In 1984, Gali, who had had a child with his partner, his partner returned to La Cartuja, where he found work in a sawmill.
    On 16 August of that year, when the neighborhood celebrated the festival of San Roque, Maria Victoria, a friend of his daughter, went home to fetch and Gali, who was alone, asked her to come into your home. Once inside, the pederast made touching the small, so that it threatened to denounce their parents.
    After trying to convince the girl to keep quiet in exchange for money, Gali was killed by drowning in a bathtub. To get rid of the body, introduced in the hollow of a wall, which later plugged with cement.
    The girl’s disappearance created alarm in the neighborhood, and Gali himself participated in the search. However, the Guardia Civil suspected him because of his background and detained on 8 September. The murderer confessed to the crime and the husband of his companion.
    Condemned by the Hearing condemns Zaragoza, served a long sentence, but was released after 15 years, “good conduct”, according to residents of La Cartuja.
    Once in the street, Gali settled in Galicia and continued his criminal activity, was sentenced in Portugal for drug trafficking. He had only been released after 16 days of the murder of Aurora Dacumba Brito, 58, on 21 November.
    From then until his arrest, Gali tried to kill another woman in the same province and wanted to run over with his car, two police officers at a checkpoint in Carballiño.

    “The Minister for Justice, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, was announced after Friday’s cabinet meeting. The Minister for Justice, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, on Friday justified his first reform of the Penal Code. The changes are designed to bring the code into the 21st century, and that means toughing up on many crimes which cause social alarm.
    He gave the details after the Friday cabinet meeting.

    The sentence of reversible life imprisonment is extended to aggravated cases. It’s similar to life imprisonment with the difference that if the inmate can show that he or she is reinserted into society he or she could be released at a later date.

    Another new measure is being called ‘Security Custody’. This is not a penalty, but it could lead to an inmate having to remain in jail for 10 years past the end of his sentence. It will be used where special danger is considered. It would be revoked when that danger is considered to be gone. Candidates for this would be assassins, kidnappers, sexual crimes, violent crimes and drug traffickers.

    The document also includes probation, approved by the previous Socialist Government in 2010 for terrorist and sexual crimes. Now it has been extended to other crimes such as property crimes, robbery and violent crimes resulting in injury.

    There has been some criticism of the Ruiz-Gallardón legislation with the spokesman from the Judges for Democracy Association, Joaquim Bosch, and María Moretó from the Union of Progressive Prosecutors saying the legislation is ‘Populist, punishes the unfortunate and social protest’. They think it may be unconstitutional.”

  4. I remember Carla who was a white woman that Bush put to death that became religious. When he was president a mexican national killed someone and he almost sided with the mexician government who wanted the national to be spared Bush almost always sided with the mexican government. Death penality and parole have politics involved. I think maybe Davis should die there.

  5. welcome to europe where life without parole is ‘cruel and unusual punishment’.

    imagine for a moment- letting ted bundy or gary ridgway, the green river killer, free after 10-20 years because it would be mean to actually punish them for taking the lives of 40 to 50 women a piece. necrophiliacs and lust killers have feelings and sensitivities after all…

    now imagine being a senate or presidential candidate and launching your political career from ted bundy’s prison cell or a murderous drug lord’s mansion.

    the ‘manson girls’, as deplorable as they all were, always seemed to get the brunt of public outrage but it was the men like davis and tex watson who did all of the actual killing. hapless liberals and celebrities have been pining for the release of these two for years. (and for decades the manson family have been suspected in more murders than those cases that actually went to trial. who knows how many deaths these groovy sociopaths were involved with but being ‘cruel’ to serial and mass murderers by keeping the rest of the population safe from them is like kicking bags of cute puppies or something ).

    of course watson became born again in the pokey too. i am incandescent with anger at the fact that while in prison he was allowed to father children having been the one who viciously murdered sharon tate and her unborn child. bundy had a child too-while on death row. this should have never been possible in a sane world.

    some filthy hippie rag in san fran put out a front page with manson as ‘ man of the year’ after the raid on and arrests of the family.

    and that about sums it all up. anyone like obama that would associate themselves with the likes of dohrn and ayers is aligning themselves with empathy-less sociopaths- no matter what revolutionary or academic title they vogue around under. they identified with criminals because they are criminal sociopaths themselves. i have ugly thoughts about just who obama will pardon on his way (hopefully) out the white house door… no doubt some of billy and bernie’s comrades… and some Colombian drug king pins too…

  6. The writing on the living room wall wasn’t Tate’s blood or her living room. It was Leno LaBianca’s.

    Gee with just a little more research you might have held my interest.

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