Shameless New York Times Shills Jimmy Carter and Terry Gross’ Killer Pal, Wilbert Rideau

The Times is at it again.

Today they ran another propaganda piece by NPR’s favorite lying murderer, Wilbert Rideau.

Rideau has been playing the race card for decades to admiring gaggles of journalists, after murdering a young bank teller and trying his best to kill two other people.  Not that you’d know that from reading the Times — they erase Rideau’s crimes from the record.  He is black and tells them what they want to hear: therefore, his white victims do not exist.

Today the Times gave Rideau an international platform to whine about how long it takes to get a can of tuna in prison.

This dehumanization of the people Rideau tortured and killed is not even an ethical speed-bump for the criminal fetishist class, which includes Terry Gross (who has a creepy passion for Rideau), Jimmy Carter, and George Soros.  You can read about their connections in my post on the real story of Wilbert Rideau, here.

Missing from the New York Times article, in addition to Rideau’s crimes, is the list of posh awards and privileges he’s been granted.

When I wrote about Rideau, I received very interesting mail from someone who actually served time with this unrepentant murderer.  He tells a very different story about Rideau’s claims of persecution and his behavior in prison — the behavior that got him solitary in the first place.

But with the Times censoring the comment threads today, kiboshing any negative comments about their Wilbur, you won’t hear facts there.

Lies upon lies upon lies upon lies.

There is no barrier of decency — no pile of victims’ bodies — that the Times won’t steamroll to indulge their fantasy of persecuted criminals cruelly imprisoned.

Speaking of twisting crimes to serve political purposes, I recently took a look at Alex Jones.  And while I’m appalled at his willingness to exploit mass murders, whitewash evidence, and even deny that they occurred, he’s an amateur at these things compared to the New York Times.

Jones and his InfoWars followers may be excusing the culpability of some killers in order to indulge a fantasy of “false flag” government plots, but at least they don’t go around handing out literary prizes to thugs who stab women to death (Rideau), or kill cops (Mumia Abu Jamal), or murder women then rape their dead bodies (Winston Moseley, killer of Kitty Genovese and others).

The Times has lobbied for all of these criminals to be released.  They even ran editorials advocating for serial killer-corpse-rapist Winston Moseley to be let out, ’cause he had been “rehabilitated.”  If you want to read the whole sordid tale, you’ll have to go to my homepage and go to page 78 of the pdf there.  It’s a shameful story: virtually nothing you know about the Kitty Genovese case happens to be true, thanks to the Times.  They pretty much invented the whole thing so they could blame Genovese’s neighbors instead of blaming Moseley.

Now there’s a false flag operation for you.

Here are some more New York Times killer whitewashes:

 Father Moloney

Judith Clark

Jim Jones (Jimmy Carter’s all over this killer stuff)

Humberto Leal (Jimmy Carter again)

Patrick Wiese




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